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Davit Danielyan

Co-Founder, WorldTrial

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Narek Danielyan

Co-Founder, WorldTrial

Since my childhood, my brother, Narek Danielyan, and I have harbored an ambitious vision for our future. Hailing from a country where opportunities are scarce, we persistently crafted an alternative life narrative—one characterized by the ultimate freedom inherent in humanity: the freedom to explore, to experience location freedom. I extend a warm welcome to you at WorldTrial. I am Davit Danielyan, and alongside my brother, we have forged a travel empire dedicated to bringing the joy of holidays to every individual who embraces the WorldTrial experience.

Word from the Founder

Davit and Narek, both from a small country in Caucasus called Armenia, shared a childhood dream that started them on an astonishing journey. Growing up, the brothers had a huge vision for their future, which developed against the backdrop of a question that every youngster is familiar with: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Their clear response was to become businessmen and travel the world, a dream they held without fully grasping the enormity of it. In a world full of the unknown, there was one certainty: the day to go on this epic quest would come. Their parents moved them to Toronto, Canada, at the ages of 12 and 9, hoping to offer a better future for them. The quick change provided difficulties, but it also exposed them to the intricacies of modern life. Davit and Narek's interests gathered around a deep insight as they navigated this uncharted terrain—their true calling lay in the field of travel. Their desire to see other nations grew with time, becoming an undeniable source of joy that eclipsed any other activity. The seeds of their vision were sown during these excursions. A few years later, against the backdrop of their shared passion for travel, the idea for a travel firm emerged—a enterprise aimed not only to satisfy their wanderlust but also to assist others seeking to tour the world.

Our History

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